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The current conditions and the rapid development in the Saudi market are a great opportunity for local and international establishments that strive towards excellence and achieve impressive results. To keep pace with these steady changes day after day, they must be more flexible and able to keep pace with those changes and to move steadily towards excellence in performance.

We, in the idea of ​​development, believe in the fact that proper planning through the available tools is the most important in the assets of the establishments, as facing the accelerating challenges will only be achieved by developing the tools of competition and achieving the targeted results.

As an expression of our thanks and happiness, we appreciate your confidence in our consulting services, and we are also sure that you will notice the difference through the consultative and practical solutions that we provide to achieve your goal and goals.

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The FEKRAH DEVELOPER is based in Riyadh, one of the offices specialized in the field of studies and consultations, and its team includes a group of specialists to provide our customers with distinguished services


Flexibility and a broad horizon to keep pace with local and international changes in doing business and communicating with our customers. And providing integrated, practical and comprehensive financial and administrative advice and solutions with high quality and professionalism that meet the needs of our customers to develop productivity and achieve rewarding returns for their investments.


We aspire and work on the idea of development to be one of the pioneers of distinguished consulting work in the business sector with the quality of services, credibility and excellence in providing specialized consulting services, and we create a work environment that meets the ambition of our clients.


Fekrah development for consulting seeks to provide consulting and administrative services to all companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to advance the level of the industrial and administrative sector in the Kingdom and strive towards achieving the Kingdom’s vision for the year 2030.


The values of Fekrah development for consulting are centered on providing the best in all the services we provide in a way that helps to develop and move forward in order to help the renaissance of our beloved country and raise its status globally.

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Classification and qualification of contractors

Classification is an indicator for determining the contractor’s ability and competence in line with his personal, financial, technical, administrative and executive capabilities that would help you in managing and developing your project or company and your commercial establishment and taking appropriate decisions in everything related to your business and your new project.


Corporate financial resources require prudent planning and management of the company, as they are the nerve that supports their current operations and supports future growth plans. We offer the idea of development for consulting through our financial advisors who specialize in financial planning and analysis, multiple services in this field

Establishing and managing projects

At Fikra Development Consulting, we provide project establishment and management services. Our services begin with administrative and legal transactions to establish your project or company, then develop and manage them in the right way that ensures success, continuous development, and permanent analysis of your project and competing projects.

Strategic planning and corporate excellence

The role of the Strategic Planning Department is to plan, design and monitor departmental performance indicators with the aim of continuously improving institutional performance in a unified methodology with the vision and strategy of the institution, and in line with the Kingdom’s strategic plan and the global model for quality management.

Planning and management information

Administrative planning helps to create a clear action plan that is followed to achieve the goals of the organization in an easy and orderly manner within clear criteria, which directs the energies of managers and employees to the completion of work within the proposed plan, and planning helps find alternative solutions.

Restructuring troubled companies

Restructuring troubled companies is defined as a deliberate process of changing the formal relations between the organizational components, and this means a set of strategies, plans, programs and policies that the administration puts in place to reduce costs and improve performance efficiency, and consider reducing employment and managing surplus labor.

Financial and accounting consulting

Idea Development Consulting is considered one of the leading consulting firms in the field of accounting, studies, financial and administrative consultations, privatization and training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Academic advisors in the idea of developing consulting have high scientific and professional qualifications.

Human Resources Consulting

Human resource consulting is a branch of management consulting that focuses on the process of effective use of employees to reach the goals of the organization. When applied in the best possible condition, HR consulting helps develop an effective HR model.

Establishing and developing governance systems

Corporate governance is the laws and standards that define the relationship between the management of the company on the one hand and the shareholders and stakeholders (bondholders, workers, suppliers, creditors, consumers) on the other hand, and corporate governance includes the relationships between the various interests, objectives and the management of the company.

Societal responsibility

Social responsibility is one of the modern concepts in our Arab societies, terminology and organization, and appeared early in Western countries, as a result of the civil society’s need for it. Societal responsibility is one of the important pillars of community life and one of the means of advancing societies, where the value of the individual in his society is measured.

Designing work procedures in the performance measurement standards department

Simplified business procedures achieve multiple goals and benefits for the organization and the public, as it not only reduces costs, but also helps increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization in carrying out its work.

Providing consulting solutions

Development Idea Consulting Office offers various activities with smart technologies, including providing other human resources, integrated administrative services activities for offices, business incubators and accelerators activities, printing and secretarial activities, and transaction tracking activities. We are also proud to be the best in the Kingdom.

Technical, legal, administrative and financial consulting

Supervising submitting the file to the Contractors Classification Agency

Designing and training the accounting and financial system

Preparing financial policies and plans

Final preparation of the file according to the standards and requirements of the Contractor Classification Agency by a qualified and distinguished team with experience in the field of contractor classification

Follow up the progress of the file within the contractors classification agency

Coordination and preparation for office and field visits

Financial planning and analysis for companies, restructuring them and managing their cash flows

Training on financial and accounting systems

Preparing financial and accounting systems



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